3D Artist and Visualiser based in London.



"Apart from being a gem to work with, Frankie is one of the most talented 3D Visualisers I have come across in my freelance career. Her ability to create highly detailed compositions in the blink of an eye always leaves me gob smacked, but its her understanding of light that really shows in her work. Now that she is breaking into animation her skill set goes beyond expectation as a Visualiser, making her the most valuable team member of any creative agency."

James Diaz Alberdi, Freelancer



"Frankie has a huge amount of passion for work and this is evident in everything she produces. From start to finish she is a true professional who consistently delivers great work, on time and on brief. It helps that she's also an absolute pleasure to work with."

Ben Paxman, Senior Client Manager, Design Bridge Amsterdam


“Frankie may be at the start of her career but she already has stunning design expertise and know-how. Combined with her enthusiastic commitment, imaginative collaboration and hard core work ethic this means that she is a joy to work with. I’ve worked with Frankie on a number of 3D design challenges, usually with limited time and always needing the highest standards. Her work on the campaign for WSSF was particularly brilliant and really helped the client to get what she needed very quickly. Overall her work has been superb and her attitude unsurpassedLook forward to taking my next impossible challenge to her!

Ray Howard, Pure Howard


"Working with Frankie is an absolute pleasure; she's effective, self-sufficient, always on time. She delivers the best work and is also very good at taking the lead of a project, managing another member of the team and report back."

Bertille Ledru, Client Manager, Design Bridge London


"Seeing Frankie develop a fundamental 3D skillset was very impressive. Her constant enthusiasm helped her learn and progress further than the average intern, and it was obvious Frankie has a natural creative edge as the accuracy and determination was visually obvious in her work. 3D software is a very technical task and through the aid of books, tutorial videos and asking work peers, Frankie managed to merge this fundamentally technical challenge with the creativity that is needed in this fast paced industry. I hope Frankie continues to develop her 3D knowledge, she has an unquestionable talent."

Chris Andrews, 3D Operator, Smoke & Mirrors Design


"Frankie's work has been exemplary. The brief we gave her was pretty open, and she came back with some fantastic concepts, which on agreement she then delivered excellent final designs. She project managed the whole process, and was courteous, timely, and good fun to work with. I have no doubt that Frankie will go on to even greater things, and I recommend her highly."

Matt Brown, Founder, Hatmatic


“Francesca has worked with me on several CGI projects at Smoke & Mirrors. She never failed to impress me with her quality of work and the speed at which she completed tasks. She’s always very friendly, bubbly and keen to help out, putting her hand to a wide range of artistic skills. I have no problem in recommending Francesca and know she has a bright future ahead of her.”

Simon Wottage, Senior 3D Artist/Animator, Smoke & Mirrors


"I always enjoyed working with Francesca. Our team would seek her help and expertise in difficult art work prep. When no one on our team was able to do the job, we asked Francesca. She was always happy to help and miraculously saved the day for us many times. She has a great attitude and very high skillsIf I could I would employ her in my team right now."

Ondrej Faltin, Executive Producer, Tag: Worldwide


“Frankie worked on many 3D packages, all of which we use in our pipeline. Whilst these are industry standard programs with a steep learning curve, she didn’t shy from trying and learning the processes, both from our video tutorials to asking questions, she showed a genuine interest. She also covered Photoshop and Illustrator to understand the 2D side of the business. We were impressed with how quickly she understood and created objects in ZBrush, to simple animations with rockets in Maya. I just hope she remembers all the team so she can employ us later in her working life.”

Christopher Veitch, 3D Operator, Smoke & Mirrors Design


"Frankie is a dedicated 3D Artist and Visualiser of exceptional quality. She always delivers, with fast, slick visuals and beautiful 3D imagery. "

Damian Hughes, Visualisation Manager, Design Bridge London


“Francesca recently helped us on a CGI pitch to re-brand a well known tv logo. We tasked her to build different models in Zbrush. She was resourceful in her research and meticulous in her modelling & produced some great 3D models for us.”

Chris Davis, Head of 3D, Smoke & Mirrors Design


"Francesca has worked on several high profile projects in the past for me and her approach has always been professional, confident and efficient. She has shown that she is able to understand complex briefs and execute them effectively and without fuss. Francesca has a great personality which she brings to each project she is involved in. She is a pleasure to work with and a valued member of the team."

Robert Hurley, Producer, Smoke & Mirrors


"Extremely talented, a true professional, and an absolute sweetheart. A pleasure to work with!"

Daniel Leckenby, Design Director, Design Bridge Amsterdam


“Francesca is a very knowledgeable and talented individual, who consistently works with a positive and pro-active attitude. She has helped my team out of difficult situations on a number of occasions. Highly recommended!

Lisa Cawthorne, Producer, Smoke & Mirrors


"Francesca was creative, reliable and showed initiative in everything she didAlways a pleasure to work with. Francesca has the skill and personality go far in whatever she chooses to do."

Amanda Duncan, Executive Producer, Tag: Worldwide