Hey, my name is Frankie Forzoni. I'm half Italian and I am a 3D generalist and retoucher based in London. I love anything creative, I'm obsessed with visual effects and a full on geek through and through. Here you'll find my 3D portfolio, testimonials and all my links for keeping in touch. Please feel free to message me with any freelance opportunities, collaborations wanted, or if you just fancy a chat or have any questions.


What I Do



Generalist CGI Artist, covering modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and retouching. I absolutely love CG and am constantly experimenting and pushing the limits with whats available to me. My go to tools are Cinema4D and Photoshop but I have dabbled with past experience using Maya and ZBrush. I worked in the post-production industry in London for 3 years and have been in packaging and branding for 2 and a half years.

Visualising & Retouching

Visualisation of 2D and 3D work, working from initial concept visualisation through to high-end CGI. Retouching photography with a mix of CGI and 2D elements to create products through to branding and packaging material. I love visualising and bringing ideas to life.