3D For Visual Effects – Online Taster - Escape Studios

Over the last two weeks I've been taking part in Escape Studios online two week taster course which works as a intro to their longer 40 week course focusing on 3D for Visual Effects. 

You get given trial licences for Maya, Nuke and Photoshop over the two weeks and work remotely, online with the Escape tutors and other students to complete the short animation.

It was a great taster course. For someone who has worked in all three softwares before, it was more of a refresher for me in Maya and Nuke. The tutor works at a really good pace for beginners though and it's a seamless set of tutorials to follow.

However, it is just a taster course for beginners, so a lot of the time the more difficult aspects for the scene are skimmed / provided for you; which may not have been that helpful for myself, but for beginners it is definitely a plus and allows you to get more of an overview of more parts of the pipeline. At the end of most tutorials, the Escape tutor does explain that we are skimming the surface, and does show some more of the points you would get to cover if you did choose to move onto the 40 week course, which was great to see, and definitely sold it well.

Below was my first test for the animation the tutors set. Obviously I can work into the model, textures, lighting, rendering etc at a later date, but I wanted to get it done to the basic level so I could submit for feedback from the tutors within the two week period. On that note, whilst learning online you have constant support from the tutors and other student with Q&A sections under every video, as well as a community board where you can discuss more general queries.

Having never really worked with Escape Studios, apart from seeing lectures and talks, it was great to finally have a look into their teaching, and for someone who works full-time the online course definitely appealed to me. They have evening courses, full-time, part-time, covering various aspects of 3D, Compositing and much more. Would highly recommend you check out their website.


{this post was not sponsored by Escape Studios}